Cook’s Victor 6x9 Tabletop Letterpress

Cook’s Victor (Pre-Kelsey) 6x9 Tabletop Letterpress together with Starter Kit (fairly new rollers) and several type-fonts. Everything you need to get started. Professionally restored not too long ago. Very smooth action…you all probably know more about this press than I do, but it has been a blast using it (my wife primarily used it), but it has produced some really beautiful items (business cards, invitations, Christmas cards, etc…). No regrets, wife just doesn’t use it enough to justify the investment (don’t blame her with 5 young kids!). Someone else will honor this work of functional art with much more use. Thanks for looking and contact with any questions. I have a crate ready to go for it, and shipping is available and would probably be between $300-$500 depending on where you live. I am asking $1800 for everything including starter kit and 3 font sets and some extra adjustable gauge pins, book on letter-pressing. It is ready to go whenever.

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