80 year old letterpress printshop relocation/consolidation NY

We are relocating our family printshop after being in the same location for the past 85 years. We have a lot of equipment that we can’t take with us, the place we are moving to is much smaller. Among the things we can’t take are; a miehle vertical press, (may need repair) several letterpresss drawers, type, etc. I am putting this in discussion as opposed to classifieds because I am not positive about the value of this antique printing equipment. If anyone close enough to the area has an interest, I would rather it goes to someone using it for its original intent rather then scrap metal, as I know there are people who are passionate about letterpress and printing.
My grandfather was the proprietor of this shop after taking it over from his brother before him in 1928. Their dedication to the print industry and customer service was remarkable to say the least.
This move is happening very quickly. I am located in New Rochelle, New York and my name is Craig. Please feel free to e-mail me if interested. My email is [email protected]. Thank You.

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Hi Craig,
Maybe take some pictures and post. This would help the community tell you exactly what the value is worth.