Work on a Poco Proof Press

I tuned-up the studio’s Poco No.0 this weekend.
The eccentric axles on each of the rollers were
easier to adjust than I had expected.

Turning the center axles I first drew the bed up
to a point where the gear and rack meshed well.
Then I leveled it with the opposing roller.
The gap is now 1.065 w/o pack or galley sheet.
That leaves me with .102 or .097 for paper & pack.
depending on the galley sheet being .045 or .05 .
Maybe a bit more than I’ll need but chip board
is frequently used here by the membership
and a little extra gap for now is good.

I then brought up the outside rollers to where
there was only a slight drop to the rollers
for the bed rails as the center of the bed
passed the cylinder. After one roller was
adjusted the opposite was brought up slowly
till both rollers were engaged
by the dropping bed rails.
There’s an image below of the eccentric
outside roller axle.


image: No0.Poco2LLR.jpg


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You’d want to talk to Philip Gallo at

He may not respond. Something like that going on with the folks who know.


Thanks, Gerald.