Wanted ads in BP Classifieds

This is to all the members who have or are considering posting a Wanted Ad in the Classified section.

Over the past couple of years I have replied to more than a dozen ads from people looking for an item of which I have. I want to say no one has ever replied but that may not be 100% true. I might have heard back from one or maybe two at the most. I am quite sure all of them receive my email because I send myself a copy. I always describe what I have. I name my price and I include the shipping amount. I often offer to send pictures once I hear from them. So far I haven’t had to do that because the vast majority don’t have the common courtesy to acknowledge my reply. My first thought is that my price is too high. But then, I recently sold a press by placing a For Sale ad in the classifieds and it immediately showed up on eBay for three and one-half times what I asked for it and it recently sold! So, my only other assumption is that these people are looking for something for nothing. Maybe they respond only if the item is in pristine condition, it gets delivered free of charge and it comes with instructions for use and a guarantee. Please do the decent members who are genuinely looking for an item a favor and reply if only with a one-liner such as “thanks but no thanks”. After all, you expended more effort than that composing the ad in the first place.

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Hi Musikwerke,
as I have been adding an old time print shop to our old time village and I get extra things or duplicates I put ads in the Briar Press classifieds and have met a lot of nice people from U.S. and Canada. I think BP Classifieds is a great resource. I have bought quite a bit from people posting ads. I have also found things I am looking for by posting wanted ads.
Not always does everything work out, but don’t lose hope, and yes most everyone likes to get a good deal.
If it turns out that you have that rare special WIDGET I am looking for, then I will surely beat a path to your door. Best with all.