Terrible Weather Stateside

REGARDING YOUR TERRIBLE WEATHER, Here in the U.K. we have our fair share but AS NOTHING compared to yours, please be aware that some of us at least, are with you in spirit.

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Thank you, Mick. I am, however, finding my fellow Minnesotans rather wimpy, since it has been very much colder here in the past (-20 F today compared to -38 F in 1996). I do have to warm up the inking plate on top the boiler for a few minutes in this weather, however.

dcrnkovic, Sir, after seeing the latest from Fox News, about the phenomenal number of your countrymen in harms way, it still looks very grim. Try and stay safe. . Thank you. Good luck, to ALL… .Mick.

Not trying to downplay the danger of this weather to those who aren’t used to it or consider it too lightly. My kin in relatively warm Pennsylvania would need lessons in frostbite prevention if they were here in the northland. In the meantime the “cold weather and press office practices” discussion continues over at the letpress site.