Complete shop available in CT

I received an email this morning from my friends at Green Dolphin Press. apparently David and Brenda have decided to give up letterpress printing. They were very good and very creative. Here is a post they sent.

After many years of accumulating equipment and printing a variety of things,
Green Dolphin Press is closing it’s letterpress print shop (we’re moving).

If someone out there would like everything, I’m prepared to sell them
everything for a discounted price of $15,000. This is far less than what
I have spent in judiciously assembling this shop from many sources over
twenty-five years. Just the fonts of Ludlow matrices, if bought on Ebay now
for $50 each on average, would cost over $9,000.

If I can’t sell this as an entire shop, I’ll have to part it out, so the
opportunity to get everything at once is a limited time offer.

This kind of offer doesn’t happen every year! The shop is at ground level
in what other people would call a two-car garage, in south-west Connecticut,
USA. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. If you
might know someone who is interested, please forward this information.

This is everything you need to do letterpress printing - I know, since I’ve
been producing letterpress printing with just these things for years now.

An abbreviated and approximate list of equipment that is included in the
complete print shop follows:

- Model L Ludlow electric type caster with lots of extra pigs
- 1926 Chandler & Price 8x12 clamshell press, with motor and foot treadle
- Pearl 7x11 clamshell press
- Schniedewend iron hand press
- Schniedewend Reliance 23” floor standing hand operated guillotine, with
spare blade
- 20 Ludlow composing sticks (normal, italic, double, triple, large
matrix, etc)
- nine cabinets full of Ludlow matrices, plus extra empty cases
- Eusebius, Garamond, Caslon, Bodoni, Cheltenham, rule, ornaments, etc
- ten cabinets of hand set type, plus extra empty cases
- one cabinet of wood type
- five galley cabinets of various sizes, each full of galleys
- three (two short and one long) furniture cabinets, full of furniture
- stone composing table
- reglet cabinet with reglet
- spacing material (coppers, brasses, and quads)
- extra uncut furniture and reglet material
- extra strip leading and rule material
- slug cutters, hand set composing sticks, type gauges, etc
- Cost Cutter calibrated electric table saw
- Poco proof press
- Rossback pin perforator
- two floor standing Stimson grommet setters
- 6 foot tall ink cupboard, full of ink
- Rouse vertical rotary miterer (electric)
- type high gauge, Ludlow identification gauge, etc
- book presses, hand miterer, etc
- staplers, etc
- a collection of instruction books, type specimens, etc

So, don’t wait. Why spend years accumulating each item yourself - you can
have a whole shop in one fell swoop! Back up the truck (just make it a big


David Macfarlane,
Green Dolphin Press.

P.S. This message cross-posted to both the LetPress list and the APA list;
my apologies if you read both.

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Great deal on a great shop. I believe it was also posted in the briar press classifieds.


It should upset people about your posting. You have a great set up, and the right person needs to see the posting.