Digital Crane Paper

Does anyone use Cranes digital paper? A lot of our clients what letterpress wedding invites, but then want digital printed reply cards, thanks you cards, etc.

We have tried printing on 110lb lettra and it works great on our Epson 3880 but its takes forever!

When we try taking it to a commercial digital printer the results are less then perfect with letter 110lb paper. Plus most of the digital commercial printers papers are coated and to shiny for wedding clients. I mean who wants to announce their big day with a shiny piece card stock. I dont! ha.

So my questions are:

1. Has anyone tried Crane’s digital paper? What are your thoughts?

2. Any other textured papers that can be digitally printed? I tried a few pieces of French paper the the results where to inconsistent.

Thank you!

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We use the 90# Lettra all the time, as the main invitation or as a money-saving addition to a letterpress invitation.
We run a Xerox Color560, and it handles the cotton paper just fine. We had tried printing on 110lb before the digital paper was released, and it was hit or miss depending on the day.
We also run a lot of local artist prints on the Lettra, it’s great for inexpensive art reproductions.
If you can’t find a local printer who can run it for you, give us a shout- production(a)
We’re in Baltimore but can ship anywhere.

A lot of laser printers have problems printing on textured paper. Generally the toner is transferred to the paper by a transfer roller or web. The paper is pressed against that to adhere the toner via static electricity. Because the toner is transferred surface-to-surface, it sometimes doesn’t transfer so well to low spots on the paper. Some do better than others, but it’s always a potential problem with anything other than very smooth or coated papers.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN