1909 Hansen 2/3 type cabinet

For Sale: Hansen 1909 2/3 Type Cabinet. 43” x 25.25” x 20.625. Manufactured by The Hamilton Mfg. Co. of Two Rivers, WI. I purchased this cabinet a few years ago and need to find a good home for it because we are simply running out of space.

Includes type sets some more complete then others.

- 10pt Sans Serif Med by - Quaker City
- Cooper Black
-24 Cheltoh
-14 pt / 18pt Park ave
-12 pt Bernhard Fashion
-12 pt Sans Serif Med by Quaker City
-18 pt Chelton Bold
-10pt Franklin Goth77
-12pt. Big top?
-8pt Sans Serif Medium by Quaker City
-12pt Quaker City Lydian Bold
-14pt Devine
-14pt Bernhard Fashion
-12pt Circus
-8pt Della Robbia
-24pt/36pt Ad News Cond & Ad News
-36pt Chelton Bold
-40pt Reserve?

Looking to sell quickly.

See Link for more photos:

Pickup only: Located in Brooklyn, NY.


If you have any further questions please let me know.


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