CAD drawings of hard to find chases

Hello all,
I note that there are some chases in higher demand than supply. I intend to share CAD files here on BP, of those chases I come across. (As time permits.)

I have drawn-up a Kelsey 5x8 chase I borrowed, but the angled notches in the bottom of the chase are not identical left to right. I presume the chase should be symmetrical and that particular chase is of poor manufacture.

Can anyone confirm the angled notches should be exact mirrors of each other?

image: Kelsey5x8-screenshot.jpg


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I have purchased chases for my C&P New Style and have found that I had to have notches ground into 3 that I got in order for them to lay correctly in the bed. So some presses need the notches and some must not.

Try Fritz at NA Graphics. I think has the originals.