Help with printing a job last minute

I have a wedding invitation job that I’m starting to realize will be impossible for me to print on my current tabletop press. To make matters worse, it is for a client whose reception is at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and who has already hired me to design several other pieces of stationery (digitally printed). I have until Thursday morning to send it out. I’m located in metro Detroit and would be willing to have another printer complete the job. It is 4 pieces, two colors, 51 of each. The largest piece being 6”x6”.

I know this is a long shot, but if there is anyone at all that can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Kristy,
Give me a call in the morning. I may be able to help. We have a plate maker too so I can create the plates easily.

703 567 4330

You can also send me an email. [email protected]