Windmill jammed

I just put in a chase with a higher base. I neglected to lessen my impression and the press jammed. I tried to rotate the press by hand but it won’t budge. Any suggestions or tricks?

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Do you have the manual? There are steps for running the flywheel backwards, by hand, to resolve such an issue. You will need to release a catch on the flywheel shaft and not turn the flywheel too far in the reverse direction.


As noted above, the press should be turned back only far enough to release impression, then it should be able to turn forward again. The press can be badly damaged by turning it backward further.

There is an anti-reverse disk by the flywheel that can be raised to allow the slight backward motion. See the manual for pics.

After the jam is cleared, I’d check to see if the impression is normal for the base installed. If the impression needs to be significantly increased, the shear-collar may be fractured and require replacement.

Thank you dicharry and AnonyMouse. I did get a mechanic in and that is exactly what he did. He did take an hour to get it to reverse, but we are up and running again. Note to self always zero impression when changing bases.

10 x 15- loosen the five bolts arranged in a circle surrounding a center bold just below the hinge on the back of the press. Pressure will release.