1900 Letterpress Shop Closing It’s Doors!

OK, here it is boys and girls. Letterpress shop is closing up. What doesn’t sell goes out as scrap.
Model 18 Linotype with all the tools, thermometers and extra parts you’d ever want. +25 pig molds.
3 dozen magazines with mats. 3 magazine racks.
4 8-drawer metal sorts cabinets (and a 30 drawer wooden sorts cabinet like I’ve never seen elsewhere.
8x12 new style C&P 12x18 Kluge C&P 34&1/2” power paper cutter 2 Windmills (1 red-1 black)

Large 1900s Stone w/ wood base. Smaller/newer stone w/ metal base..
Great 1900s oak double bank with 48 typecases and slant top with lead & slug racks above.
Oak 24 drawer 2/3 style typecase. 2 old metal type cases. All cases have foundry type.
Oak and metal galley racks w/ galleys. Many extra combo wood/brass galleys too.
Reglets cases, wood furniture in slant cases, more leads, slugs, border rules, reglets (many boxes), chases, quoins, sorts, cuts and doodads then you can shake a stick at.
3 Old oak desks. Assorted chairs, stools, rollers boxes, etc. etc.
and for the non-letterpress a very nice 1950’s metal light table, 14x18 vert.camera, Baumfolder 714 air, Nuarc 26-1K platemaker, Davidson 501, Bostitch 1/4” Bronco & Bostitch Model 7 (older) 7/8” stitchers.
Stuff has got to go soon.


Dave Roszel
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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