Thank You Whittenburg Inc.!!

A huge thank you to Whittenburg Inc ( for the work they did to solve the motor problem with our very very old ‪#‎Heidelberg‬ Cylinder ‪#‎letterpress‬. Our press is so old (1st generation) the motor and control box are no longer replaceable. The folks at Whittenburg went above and beyond and retrofitted a brand new motor with a variable frequency drive to fit and work on our press. As far as we know this is something that has never been done before. They did a great job fitting all the new electronics into the old control box and shipped a perfect set of instructions for installation. Rosa, Walt and Rick are wonderful people to work with. We are so very happy to have our press back and running as good as ever.

A bunch of photos are posted to my facebook page.

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Glad to hear you’re back in business Lammy. Nice of you to give credit where credit is due.