20 line Roman wood type

I’ve just gotten a set of what I believe is “Roman” wood type first cut by Darius Wells. I’m not sure if mine dates back that far. I am missing the “A” so I do not have any identification as to the maker as far as I can tell.

The typeface looks the same as Roman shown in Rob Roy Kelly’s book on page 232 except the Q. In RRK it is a decending Q, but on mine as you can see in the photos below, it is all within the baseline.

I’m interested in whether anyone has this typeface (and especially if it was made the same way) and if it was made like mine. I don’t have anything else in our collection that was made with the bevel cut like this. It has been routed out with a very rough cut to start with and then cut with the bevel to get the outside edge of the type (or maybe the reverse of that). I included some extra images for some of the detail work that went into cutting the “W” which is quite nicely done. I also left it nice and dusty for the photos as it is always nice to buy some type and have it look like it has been sitting unnoticed for decades.

Anyone else have this face, especially if it was made the same way?

If you do, do you have the A and who made it?

Any suggestions on the Q? Maybe my typeface isn’t Roman.

Here are four photos.

image: 140320-roman-wood-type-01.jpg


image: 140320-roman-wood-type-03.jpg


image: 140320-roman-wood-type-04.jpg


image: 140320-roman-wood-type-06.jpg


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It would help to have the following information:
1. What country are you posting from.
2. What size is the type.
3. What kind of wood do you think that it is.
4. Are any diphthongs in the font.
5. A showing of more complete letters would help.
It was not uncommon to hand-engrave all the counters, and some other places, in early US wood type, by Allen, Wells, Bill or Cooley. Cooley and Bill cut their Q so that it did not descend below the base line in some of their fonts, but I am guessing that it might be a font by Bill, if it was cut in mahogany. Below is a link to my Cooley Roman, but it is not matching. Your font looks more like a condensed Roman, from what I can see.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3905827849/in/set-721576222684...
Dave Greer