Tubbs Cabinet for ATF

This nifty relic of the days when type foundries flourished in America is in need of a loving home. I’m told by reputable sources that it was made for American Type Founders (on the of the attached photos shows an original ATF decal) for use in the foundry. Few survive as most were thrown in the trash when ATF closed shop. I’m also told that it was made by a cabinet company named Tubbs, which later got bought up by Thompson Cabinet; Thompson still operates in Ludington, Michigan.

The cabinet is roughly 3’ x 5’ x 10” and it still has its original green paint. Paint shows wear in all the places you’d expect. Each of the four bays contain dozens of slots that accept little hardwood galley trays. These trays would have been used to store sorts or borders or doohickies and could still be used to store the same.

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