Intertype Model C and related gear

My wife and I have recently decided that home ownership, as least as we’re currently experiencing it, is for the birds. For good or ill, part of that decision requires I dramatically cut down on the amount of stuff I have, such that we can eventually relocate as the whim takes us. My press is gone, my Ludlow is spoken for (I think), so that leaves…

1922 Intertype Model C, ”Eloise”. This is a fine running machine, and Michael Seitz and I are going to divide up my collection such that whoever takes this machine gets at least ten magazines of good, useful mats plus all the liners, molds and caps, tools, spacebands and etc to have a nice functional package. The price for all of this is certainly right, and that’s free for the taking.

Further details upon request. Easiest load up location you’ll ever see. Gotta go by mid-June. Any interest?

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