Offered: wide variety of lead type (London UK)

I have a large amount of type acquired as a job lot with my press, and moving house has forced me to trim it down. I therefore have quite a few fonts to offer, and would just be happy if it went to a good home. The catch is that they would need to be picked up this week in London (UK) on Friday or Saturday (5th or 6th April). Roughly, I’ve got:

- 6pt Gill Sans medium (upper case only)
- 6pt Gill Sans italic
- 8pt Gill Sans bold condensed
- 8pt Grotesk
- 10pt Gill Sans extra bold
- 10pt Gill Sans italic
- 10pt Times medium italic
- 10pt Grotesk
- 11pt Grotesk
- 12pt Spartan
- 12pt Times
- 14pt Gill Sans medium
- 14pt Times italic
- 18pt Palace Script
- 24pt Spartan

There’s also a fair bit of spacing in various sizes, and decorative bits and pieces. I am happy to parcel out in small lots or for someone to take the whole lot. Please let me know if this is of any interest.


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