Looking for belt and pulley measurements C&P New Style 10x15

I just got in a C&P new style 10x15 with an original bracket and motor but the motor pulley is a v-type. It has the original flat belt driven pulley. The press is around 1914 era. I am going to go back to the flat belt anybody with an original drive mind measuring the electric motor pulley diameter and the belt width? I would like to get as close to the original as possible since I am going to have to make those parts anyway. Thanks in advance.

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Can you post a photo of your current motor and pulley? I might have a spare pulley and leather flat belt from when I converted my press to use a VFD and v-belt.


Sure that would be great if you do. The motor shaft is 3/4” with a square key. The shaft is about 2 inches long. The driven pulley belt area is a bit over 2 3/4” wide. Thanks Dave

image: drivemotor.jpg


image: drivenpulley.jpg


Still looking for measurements.

Formulas for pulleys, pulley diameter, shaft rpm’s, belts in Machinery’s Handbook. Available in the reference section of a well stocked library.
Generally speaking, you would typically see a 3 to 4 inch pulley on C&P’s setups like the one in pic. Less than 3” you lack ‘wrap’ or surface area on the pulley and likely will have slippage.
Press on,

I was just wanting to put it back like it was. Figured around 3.5 to 4 diameter (flat belt and rpm-wise) 3 to 4 inch width on the pulley and 2” belt but also thought if someone had an original that was willing to measure I could nail it (since I have to make everything anyway). Why engineer something that’s already done right? Seemed simple. Thanks Dave

I don’t think there is any standard pulley that was used on all c&ps, I’ve seen many different set ups.

Chandler and Price had a bracket and motor combination the bracket says Chander and Price on it. I have seen it on a couple of other size machines it looks the same. Someone decided to remove the flat belt from this particular machine and put a v-belt and v-belt pulley on the original electric motor. I like the look of the flat belt. I have old machines in my shop I like running them as original as possible. A variable drive would be better but I don’t care. Logically if an identical machine with an identical driven pulley has a C&P supplied motor and bracket of the same rpm it should have the same drive ratio and drive pulley.

I measured a 10x15:

Belt is 1.5” wide.
Steam pulley diameter is 14.5”.
Motor pulley (cork) diameter is 3”.

This press has a 3hp three-phase motor, with Teco VFD.



Thanks AM