Long live the Kluge!

After shunning the Kluge press for much to long, in favor of sleek modern Heidelberg, I have discovered the error of my ways.

The Kluge is a brilliant machine. Yes, if you use a Heidelberg it is going to seem pretty goofy at first. That’s because you don’t speak Kluge. Once you listen to its wheezing soul, it will huff sweet printing secrets into your ears, and feed with the ease of a brand new Windmill. But it will do it without the compromises, complications and razor-thin tolerances of the whipping grippers.

Amazingly, the presses are still supported. Thanks to Bill at Brandtjen and Kluge, I was able to replace key missing parts of the register system at reasonable cost and within just a few days.

And with the very affordable suckers sold by Dale Prudhomme on eBay, I will be in business in no time. He actually posted his phone number on the ebay auction, so I called. We talked for 20 minutes about kluges, and he gave me some great advice, no charge.

I’m writing this because I want you to get a Kluge, and I want you to contact these people and buy their stuff. The idea of one more Kluge going to the scrapper kills me, and I really want to be able to call these guys next time I need a part. So please, next time you see a Kluge up for grabs, grab it!

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Somebody come take mine. I can feed a fussy baby easier than this thing can feed paper.

Jeff where it. I’ll take it if not too far from. Boston. mine feeds and registers perfectly

I did my part! I gave my Kluge to Murray as Osprey Letterpress. And yes, Dale is a good guy who helped me on a few occasions.

Kluge is a great press, ran one for many years, did everything from printing bags to kiss cutting label stock. These presses will feed anything from chipboard to carbonless paper.