Age of Presses and other equipment???

Could anyone help me find the year of manufacture of two Chandler and Price Presses? I know one was made between 1912 and 1915 — Serial # D51408. The other Candler & Price is an old style and has a serial # 35145. Could anyone help me with this one?? Also, we have a 23” Chandler & Price paper cutter with serial # R 197. Anyone?? We also have an Intertype serial number 6410. Also, a Rosbach foot operated perforator serial number A13774 or 8630. We are in the process of putting this equipment for sale.

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According to the C&P list I have…

New Style 10x15 #D51408: 1913
Old Style 8x12 #35145: 1900
23” Cutter #R197: 1907

I downloaded the list here:

I’m wondering if your C&P’s are still for sale?

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equipment is still for sale. Sorry it’s been so long