Vandercook “O” questions

Good evening.
Just received a Vandercook “0” proof press that has a broken casting to be fixed.
While I was doing my inspection of the broken casting to see what the repair options are I noticed that the lower guide rollers are slightly rough when turned. They are Federal FS-341X1. My Federal book does not show them, but the FS prefix indicates they are a special design.

My questions are……………………..
Are these “bearings” removal able from the stud or are they made with a stud mountings like a cam follower style bearing?
Are there any replacement bearings available and if so do you know the number?

While these bearings are a little rough, they should still live a long time under normal operating conditions. I would just like to to be able to give the customer options, if replacements can be had, while it is being repaired.

I am going to call my bearing supplier on Wed and see what they recommend, but thought I would give the experts here first crack at this problem.

As I do the repair I am planning on taking plenty of pics to document the process and I will start a new thread to let everyone look over my shoulder. It should be an interesting project since the part was broken thru the main bearing bore and the main bearing locking screw threaded bore.


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