C & P Old Style Treadle… another installion question

I’ve been working to install a treadle on a C & P Old Style, and wondered if anyone could confirm for me that I’m going about it the correct way. It’s clear where the hook is to go, but I’m wanting to confirm where the back of the treadle should be connected.
In addition to the hook and treadle, I also ordered the optional pin from Hern Iron Works, but perhaps I didn’t need it.

There is currently a shaft at position 2, which is larger in diameter than the pin. Maybe I am supposed to remove the shaft and replace it with the pin?

Thank you for any feedback — I have had trouble finding diagrams or instructions for this procedure!


image: smallc&p.jpg

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All the ones that I have seen have bolts and rounded brackets at the end. They fit around the lowest shaft 2. On some OS models, you have to take the shaft2 out, position the treadle correctly, then put the shaft back in. Plenty of WD-40 helps loosen it if you do have to take it out. The pin you have is for the hook to attach to the treadle.

Nice drawing.

The end of the treadle has either two eyelets or two clamps. Shaft 2 goes through the eyelets or clamps. The clamps should attach without messing with the shaft. If you have to take the shaft out (for a treadle with eyelets) spray the shaft as foothillpress says, then knock the shaft out by striking it, using a wooden dowel and a hammer. Do not pound on the end of the shaft with a hammer and mushroom the end. The short pin goes through the hole in the bottom of the treadle hook, connecting it to the pivot opening toward the middle of the treadle.

Does anyone have problems with their motor being mounted on that same shaft? I bought a hern treadle only to go and install it and DOH! Shaft is spoken for (in addition to needing to file down the hook so it cycles properly). My grand idea was to make my own shaft since my 10x15 press is on 4x4s and just extend the hook the difference that the new shaft is from the old one. Sounds good on paper. I wonder if anyone else has dealt with this. It’s on the list of things to do since I’ve been staring at my treadle on the floor since June of last year.


Ironically, several people including myself just discussed this on Letpress. It seems that the hook made by Hern does have a clearance problem. The solutions is to get the dimensions of the New Style hook which has a flat, curved hook and us that for a template to file and hacksaw your Hern down to fit. Your description of mounting on 4x4 sounds like mine. I had to do that to accommodate a new style hook for a bigger press, maybe a 10x15. I have a Hern Works hook for mine and my next project is to file/cut it down to fit. I try not to look at it because there are so many other things I want to do now that my press is actually printing. Lets keep in touch and compare notes.