C&P Pinstriping

I see that this question has been asked in past years with some great response and helpful links, but I would like to “bump” the topic one more time and ask:

Does anybody know of a clear catalog illustration, photo series, or snapshots of their own which show the original pinstriping on an old style Chandler & Price 10 x 15”?

I can see some gold peeking out in spots on my press and can almost follow the traces and make up the rest…but I’d love to know what it originally looked like.

My quest also has me wondering how the practice came about. Was it an optional “upgrade” when one purchased a press from the factory? Or did pressmen hire their own pinstriper?

Thanks and best wishes!

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I can tell you for Golding, it was part of the manufacturing process for every press during the period that it was popular. They had a painting department that applied the black enamel and the decoration which was then baked on before sending the press to final setup. The process did go by the wayside likely as a cost saving measure. My 1879 Pearl is loaded with decoration and my 1923 Pearl has nothing.

Here is a link to my press. Striping is original. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/314636642/

I did not want to spoil it. There is an engraving in Harold Sterne’s book; Catalogue of Nineteenth Century Printing Presses that shows striping of an OS C&P. Mine looked like that. The roller arm also has some very fine strip work but too much was missing and I could not locate a source for the original look so I painted over that part. Good luck on your search.

Mike, yours are THE photos that come up when searching via web. I thank you for that!

The traces on my press seem to indicate that it sported the exact lines as yours. The only spots that reveal no gold are the floral pattern on the sides of the bed. I may use yours as inspiration and give it a bit of my own flair.

It couldn’t hurt to ask that if anybody would like to post or link to the image of the Old Style in Sterne’s book I would be very grateful!

Thanks again Mike.