Letterpress 3 Day Sumer School in London

During this course students will examine the processes and applications needed to create their own letterpress work using Albion, Vandercook, Farley and Adana presses.
Each session will focus on a particular area of letterpress. The course will begin with an induction to the workshop, health and safety, overview of letterpress printing with examples of practitioner’s work, explanation of hand setting and introduction to the presses.
Subsequent sessions will cover wood letter printing, tabletop platen press, two-colour printing and the use of metal type and polymer blocks. In the final session participants will create their own pieces under supervision using experimental processes such as monoprinting and overprinting.
The course provides an excellent overview of the letterpress process, materials and workshop management. It is ideal for those with a desire to explore hands-on processes, learn about letterpress or simply have fun with type and ink in an historic setting!

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