strapping points on a 12x18 C&P new series

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I finally have the opportunity to pick up my first press, a 12x18 C&P new series. My first order order of business is to drag it out of its current storage location. It’s on three 1” galvanized pipes, front first, in a shed that is exactly as wide as the press. I only have access to the back of the press.

My question is if there are specific points to which I should attach straps when attempting to winch it out. Are there points that I definitely don’t want to pull on? Is the treadle shaft a good candidate? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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As a starting point, pull/winch from lowest possible point of pull!!! strop in *Y* formation with heads of *Y* at lowest practical point(s) on machine, (stropped high up with a single point tends to pull over rather than along!!)
Ideally 3/4 rollers, 2 @ one size, and 2 slightly smaller or bigger, greatly helps to rock the m/c at centre point on the roll, to retrieve the back one and replace at front in direction of travel, with all same size, difficult to start the front one, unless 6 foot pry bar with built in tracking roller is handy ???
Reason for *y* strop, single point strop around any transverse shaft, (strop) will slide sideways the minute even a tiny obstacle obstructs one roller.!!
With rolling, bars introduced exactly parallel, m/c will follow where you lead/pull?
Turning corners, no problem each successive front roller introduced at the appropriate angle,! machine can be navigated fairly accurately for alignment.
Apologies for rubbish, & Good Luck.

I would put the press on wood runners with beveled ends (if it isn’t already). Then I’d loop a strap under the legs where they attach to the runners.

image: the yellow strap under the back legs is just barely visible.

the yellow strap under the back legs is just barely visible.

Thanks for the advice. The plan is to tackle this beast next Tuesday, so we’ll see how things go.