1930’s C & P 10x15

What do you think the value is for a ink disc and roller hooks would be?

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To buy or to sell? The price varies, depending on where you’re looking to buy or sell them. I’ve never had to replace either or those parts, but you might want to reach out to Fritz at NA Graphics (nagraph.com).
Not sure if he would have those items, but he should be able to answer your question and point you in the right direction.

I bought a pair of double saddles for $50 (including shipping) a few years ago. Never had to buy an ink disc, but I imagine it’d be about $50-100 depending on condition and location.


I pass on major press parts to people like Dave Churchman and the Blacks in Toronto. I don’t have access to presses and have no room to store them or part them out. The town is already giving me the evil eye for the stuff stored in my back yard as it is without adding more.


Thanks all.