Rubber Based Inks don’t dry when using my Kelsey 5x8.

I’ve been using my newly refurbished Kelsey 5x8 and printed some business cards recently with 10pt-14pt lead type.

I have noticed that when I use this press with Vanson Rubber Based inks the inks do not dry as quickly as when I use them with a Vandercook or C&P. Since the Kelsey doesn’t make a deep impression do these inks require more drying time? I’ve used all different types of paper.

I put one of the cards in my wallet after an overnight drying time and it smudged.

Any help is appreciated!

image: 1926781_10100265726598915_5298855483735309144_n.jpg


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Just a quick question, have you used ink from the same container on the same day for the different presses and found that the kelsey smears and the others do not?

I have run into inks in our shop that were not taken home and stored in temperature controlled storage during the winter (our shop is not heated except when we are there) and the inks that have been subjected to freezing temperatures can take forever to dry if they ever dry. If however the ink is not in question, could you not try increasing the packing to get a deeper impression, or is that a no no with a kelsey?

I have found that by adding just a small amount of an oil base ink of the same color especially adding small amount of tough tex increases drying time if your mixing your color and it calls for small part of black use the tough tex black for mixing I print white on a black plastic like finish envelope and by adding just a small amount of the white tough tex they dry almost instantly

Temperature and humidity are the key to any print shop. Van Son has changed their inks over the years and I don’t like how it performs any more so I switched to Spinks. But what it sounds like is a heat or humidity issue. I keep my shop around 72 degrees and the humidity around 45% and that’s the ticket. When it’s too cool or the humidity is too high the ink won’t dry properly; plus, paper is like a sponge and will absorb moisture causing the ink not to dry. That’s why ‘consistent’ temperature and humidity is key. If I have to bring stock in for a job, I will let it sit a few days to acclimate before printing.