Box of ink, Van Son Rubber Based, Various Pantone Colors

*** SOLD ***
I have a box of 24 cans of Van Son Rubber based inks, 2 cans of Kohl & Madden ink and 3 cans of Van Son Oil Based ink in various Pantone colors. All are 1 lb. cans purchased between 2002 and 2008. Some colors barely used. Selling the entire lot as-is for $100. Colors included:

Van Son Rubber Based Inks
Opaque White
Pantone 174
Pantone 199
Pantone 233
Pantone 2617
Pantone 290
Pantone 3435
Pantone 447
Pantone 4515
Pantone 549
Pantone 576
Pantone 5773
Pantone 580
Pantone 5815
Pantone 5865
Pantone 718
Pantone 7435
Pantone 7532
Pantone Warm Gray #2
Pantone Warm Gray #10
Pantone Black
Pantone Reflex Blue
Pantone Transparent White
Pantone Yellow

Kohl & Madden Inks
Pantone 2665
Pantone 8411 Metalized Opaque White

Van Son Oil Based Inks
Pantone 4515
Pantone 7532
Pantone 8603

Buyer picks up in Minneapolis or makes own shipping arrangements. If interested contact me via email (steven [at] newleafletterpress [dot] com or phone.

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