Disk Lever Pawl for 12X18 C&P

I am currently refurbishing a 12X18 New Style C&P in a local museum. Fortunately it hadn’t been moved since the 1970’s, but there are a few bits that need re-installing. I am getting ready to put the disk lever pawl back on and am puzzled why it has a teardrop shape hole for the bolt. Our smaller C&P has a single hole and the bolt and movement is simple rocker up and down. The C&P parts list shows a basic hole for a bolt as well, but ours definitely has a teardrop hole. Just checking to see if I am missing something and if there needs to be a more complicated slide and rocker movement. If not, I’ll just fit a bolt and fill in the rest. We tested it this way and it seems to work well.

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Couple of thoughts re Your *Pawl* to possibly check, as you say it is teardrop shaped (probably elongated with wear) there is normaly very little resistance and usually very little wear, is it possible that the disc was partially siezed at one point, and the finger was tying to push it, (the disc) up rather than around, possibly mock up a temporary finger, before repairing the worn hole and see if the finger describes the correct *Arc* on the approach to the underside of the disc and the tiny ramps, which the finger engages, i.e. by implication correct alignment of the repaired hole and/or proper stroke adjusment.?? Good Luck.