Ben Franklin liked Quebec.

The knowledge about printing on this site is impressive, so I thought you might enjoy this bit of trivia. We are all familiar with the famous printer Benjamin Franklin. But are you aware that Franklin started the Montreal Gazette and contributed greatly to the Canadian postal service. So much so that a stamp was issued in his honour in 2013, 250 years later.

The following is a little historic info available online…

Lawyer Samuel Chase and French-educated Roman Catholic Charles Carroll of Carrollton accompanied political philosopher, inventor and statesman Benjamin Franklin to Montreal.
The delegation arrived at Montreal on April 29, 1776, welcomed by General Arnold.
A reception was held for them at the Continental Army’s headquarters in the city, the Château de Ramezay, former home of the French governor of Montreal. Living accommodations were arranged for them in a house at the corner of Notre Dame and St. Charles streets, possibly the home of Britishborn Boston businessman Thomas Walker.
On May 6, a French printer w h o m Franklin had met in London, England and had persuaded to move to Philadelphia arrived in Montreal.
Fleury Mesplet was sent here by Franklin to print prorevolutionary propaganda meant to convince francophones to join the cause of the United Colonies.
He found lodging in a tavern and set up his printing press in a building on rue Capitale (a lane running from St-Sulpice to St-François-Xavier).

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More trivia about Benjamin Franklin the multi-talented genius.My home town is Edinburgh and the adjoining port is Leith.In 1852 Cricket was in its infancy as a sport and the printers of Fullartons printing works played regularly on Leith links.To celebrate Franklins invention of the lightning conductor and his influence in the birth of the constitution of the United States thecricket club was renamed Leith Franklin cricket club on the centenary of his works.The place where they played is one of the oldest sports grounds in Leith.