Fall Windmill Workshop October 3rd 4th and 5th

Our Windmill Workshop consists of 10 seats and is geared toward current printers. However many of our printers have never printed on a Windmill, as well as a good number of attendees don’t yet own one. We will cover majority of the things needed to get you up and running when you return to your shop if you do have a press and on the hunt for one if you don’t already. Below are some testimonials from past attendees:

“Before Amber’s workshop, I had never even touched a windmill. The workshop students consisted of printers at all different levels of knowledge and experience, and I was most definitely at the lowest level. Amber’s approachable way of teaching made it so that the differing levels of experience wasn’t intimidating but was a benefit to my learning. I went home after the short workshop absolutely filled with knowledge. It was awesome to learn how to operate such an incredible piece of equipment, but it was equally awesome to spend the weekend with a group of fellow printers, sharing tricks and tips and learning together. One year later, I now own a windmill and do the vast majority of my printing on it comfortably.” —Catherine from Printerette Press

“Flywheel Press’s Windmill Workshop is the perfect course to prepare printers to learn the tricks and procedures of the mighty Windmill. What I enjoyed most was the small class size that allowed each student to run the press personally. Being able to be on press and having Amber right there to guide us, gave me the confidence to go back to my own studio and start printing on my Windmill right away. I appreciated Amber’s flexibility to further show us methods of our own requests when time allowed. I now print most of our products on the Windmill and it has sped up my production time which makes our studio more efficient! Yay printing!”—Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress

For signups please visit our square market http://mkt.com/flywheel-press/windmill-workshop

Happy Printing and hope to see you in October

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