September Printers Fair want to Buy & Sell

The Great Northern Printers Fair September 18-20 is a great gathering for Letterpress Enthusiast.
At the swap meet I hope to find…
C&P parts- gripper bars 8x size, counter and mounting bracket, fountain driver (looks like C clamp) C&P part #90.5, need both OS & NS.
LUDLOW accessories- Sticks 1.25”size both roman and italic, spaces, italic1.25” ornamental borders mats, etc. select fonts with swash characters.
GOLDING pearl #8 fountain, counter and mounting brackets

Looking for something special? Let me know, I may have one I can bring to the Fair.

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The Annual Midwest & Great Northern Printer’s Fair is indeed coming soon, September 18-20 in Mt. Pleasant, IA (southeast Iowa). While I do not have any of the items that skiyou is looking for, I do have additional information about this event.

For those arriving Thursday, there is an Open House at Printer’s Hall all day and well into the evening. Everyone is welcome to come and talk about printing and try their hand at using any of our equipment.

Friday will be the same, but there will also be three workshops offered. There will be a Hiedelburg workshop offered by Jim Daggs and a Foil Stamping workshop offered by Bill Allan and Maryanne Humphreys. Both of these workshop are FREE of charge. There will also be a Poster Design and Printing workshop offered by Rick von Holdt (moi) that will go all-day with a cost of $50 (half of which goes to Printer’s Hall).

If you are interested in more information or want to sign-up for these workshops you can contact:
Jim Daggs at 641-847-2623
Bill Allan at 608-426-6260
Rick von Holdt at 515-689-4796

There are a limited number of openings for these workshops so please call ahead and make sure there is an opening for you.

The highlight of each year’s Printer’s Fair is the Saturday morning swap meet. We generally have 25-30 tables jambed-full of type, presses, and all manner of letterpress paraphernalia for sale. Everything usually culminates around mid-day on Saturday. If you would like to reserve a sales table (8’ long) the cost is $25 per table and payable to me at the Fair. Just call me at 515-689-4796 to reserve a table(s).

After 38 years of acquiring and accumulating type for my own collection, I have finally started downsizing, going through the stacks and stacks of cases of type in the barn that are duplicates, triplicates, or more of fonts already in the shop. This was all acquired over the years in those “take it all” deals. I started the process in June at the APA Wayzgoose in Two Rivers, WI (at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum) and unloaded practically everything that I brought because I have priced this so very reasonably to attract new people to letterpress and make these things affordable to those starting out. I am already starting to make stacks of things to bring to the Great Northern.

We generally get over 100 printers to show up for this event each year. If you haven’t been here before, Printers Hall, where this event is held, is over 3,000 sq. ft. of “printer’s heaven.”

Goggle “Old Threshers Reunion” and when the home page opens click on Events & Attractions, and then scroll down to Printers Hall or Printer’s Fair and see pictures of the facility and past Printer’s Fairs.

You can also call any of the numbers above for more details and information.


CORRECTION!!!!! In the posting above I mistakenly listed a free foil-stamping workshop to be given by Bill Allan and Maryanne Humphreys. Their workshop will actually be a THERMOGRAPHY (raised lettering) workshop.

Sorry about that, I probably should have had a flier in front of me instead of depending on my memory. I find myself more prone to brain farts as I get older.


I will heading down to Mt. Pleasant tomorrow and won’t have access to my e-mail (or a computer) until I return home next Saturday night. I just wanted to say that there are still some openings for the Letterpress Poster Design/Printing Workshop to take place all-day Friday. If anyone else is still interested in signing on for the $50 workshop, call my cell phone number at 515-689-4796 and let me know.

Rick von Holdt