Kelsey 8 x 5

Hi All,
I’ve just bought a Kelsey over here in the UK sans rollers and runners (trucks). Any thoughts from you guys over the pond on where I can buy them (either here or in US).
Also an idea of cost?
Cheers for any leads, advice or what have you.

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Todd Press Time (I think that’s his name) sells new rollers and trucks, haven’t bought from him but I have heard nothing but good things about him.

Fritz at NA Graphics ( sells both and lots of press supplies - and is a wonderful source of information.



Thanks both, I will follow up today.
Its not often we see Kelseys over here. Its for the off but I’d like to sell it working and with rollers.

Here you’ll find everything you need for your press, and… it’s in the UK.

Thomas - I thank you…