California Wash use in California?

I recently purchased California Wash shipped to me in Orange County. I had an old professor of mine comment that “I thought California banned the use of that along with VM&P Naphtha.” So I asked around, and I’ve been getting mixed responses even from the company I purchased it from:

“I think you can go ahead and use it—we ship a lot of this to California and I’ve never seen where it is banned. It is sold by our wholesale distributor in Los Angeles, so I think, especially in small quantities like a gallon, there is no problem.”

Anyone know if that’s true?

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California Wash has been banned in four counties in California, at last count, because of air quality concerns.

That does not mean it does not find its way here.

Auto repair shops in LA are not allowed to have oil based paints in stock. That doesn’t mean they can’t pick them up if they find the need.


Makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up!