C&P vs Golding

I’d like to start by apologizing now for any uneducated statements that I may make in the below post. I’m new to letterpress and am looking for the briar press community in helping me to decide on the best press as my first press. I’ve done a fair amount of research and have narrowed my choices down to a couple press brands.

I’ll start by saying that I would like a larger press. Platen/ Floor press, maybe somewhere around 10x15. I’d eventually like to start up a small business for invitations/ announcements and such. I’d prefer a press that I could run manually and automatic when needed. I have garage space to store the press so size is not really an issue.

Now on to- Golding vs C&P. From the information I’ve found it looks like C&Ps are pretty readily available. So finding a press may not be so difficult. But in the little reading I can find on Golding presses they seem to be very good presses. Golding Jobber- are these even around anymore? I seem to find more pearls around but again not as many as a C&P. Can a jobber be run manually or is this more of an automated machine only? Can pearls be automated? If I need parts is it going to be very difficult to find for a Golding?

Both brands seem to be great presses so I’m sure I couldn’t go wrong but I’d love some expert advice.

Thank you!!

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I’m a c&p fan, have owned a few over the last 53 years, I like the 10x15, you can do a lot with it. The c&p opens wider than the goldings, goldings always made me nervous because of this, but a couple of years ago that darn John Falstrom talked me into a golding and I must say its a well made machine with some features that the c&ps don’t have, I like both of these presses. If you have the room I would suggest a 12x18 because they have 4 ink form rollers, the 10x15 and smaller only have 3 ink rollers. Most of the time 2 rollers are all you need, sometimes the 3rd roller really helps. You should visit a printing museum or someone with a good selection of presses in their shop and see these guys up close, it might help you to make a decision.