Kelsey 5x8 Press and equipment

Hello - I have for sale a Kelsey 5x8 bench top press. It is in good condition even though it could use a full rebuild at some point. It has been in use for the past four years, cleaned and lubed regularly, and includes newer rollers, trucks, tympan paper, furniture, quoins, quoin key, five drawers of type, some leading and spacing, 2 type sticks and pica ruler. The type hasn’t been used by me, I don’t even know what some of it is… as you can see from the photos it is still wrapped in newspaper from the 1940s. I bought the type recently and do not have room for it due to a studio move, also the drawers do not have a case. I am forced to sell some of the equipment I do not use regularly so that is the only reason this press is leaving the shop.

This is pretty much all you would need to start a letterpress business. Inks, solvents, and paper are easy to come by and if you need information on where to buy them I would be happy to help you out. There are also many resources here on Briarpress.

This press is heavy and is not for use on a regular table. Something more substantial like a work bench or even heavy butcher board would suffice, but it works best if bolted down to the surface.

Please make an offer if interested.


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