Letterpress Materials, Consumables.

Pixie G, apologies, overdue materials, some of at least, en route, now (Parcel force).
I post the following on open forum, in the possibility that You may get some more input regarding your project.
I.E. The strip material is self explanatory, the *Litho Plate* really is excellent for packing Blocks, Plates etc, to Type High, also for protection for the Platen, If/When die cutting.
It is approximately .010” thick, easily cut, and perfectly usable in multiple thicknesses, interleaved with D.S.A. as underlay.???
The *Litho Blanket* is also well utilised, as in you project, very accurate & strong, (with your “squidgy” experiment in mind) approx .070” thick, the piece packed, has already withstood at least 50,000 impressions/footfalls, still virtually perfect.
With care the outer Wrapping/Roll will give several Feet of oiled *Manilla/Tympan* Platen packing Top Sheet, Good for barter, with the Table Toppers. Good Luck. Mick.

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