Foundry Type in a Ludlow Cabinet?

We recently acquired an empty ludlow cabinet, and speculated that it might be perfect for all the metal type we have floating around the studio without a home. Has anyone done this before, and if so, did you find an efficient layout for the letters?

Just curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are!

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Ludlow cases aren’t made to hold a lot of letters, I have a few fonts of type in a couple of Ludlow cases, the good thing about these cases is they are at a slant so you can stand the type up. these cases are set up like a double cap case and that is what I use, I find larger type and smaller fonts of type work best, any larger sets of type I use regular california type cases. Also the Ludlow cases are pinned so you can’t pull one out and drop it on the floor.

AS Dick, rightly says, double sided, all same size compartments etc, but on the + side, several adjustments can be made, i.e. with a little skill and sharp knife, exacto, etc. enlarge any 2 compartments, either landscape or portrait, to accomodate the most popular characters, l/c a e n o r s t, Caps, ditto, and then subdivide several standard compartments diagonally or horizontally, card or leads, to house Caps/Lc. x z q, X Z Q, ligatures fi fl ff, ffi ffl, £ $ ( ) ! : ; etc 3-4, per divided compartment, Figs 2/3 per divided compartment. AE, OE, ae, oe, probably none or only one of each.

With a full rack of Ludlow cases, sacrifice One near the top, of the rack, with a full compliment of enlarged 2 x 4, 4 x 4, etc, space “barges” for the most popular size of type/spaces in use.

Well documented, Generally, Ludlow cases are captive, until released, so prior to adapting, and With Care afterwards,! a little candle wax on the Runners.

One still in use, modified thus, from about 15 Years back.

Good Luck.

Thanks Guys!

I dove right in and have sorted about a half-dozen fonts into the cabinet. Works great so far - definitely better for some of the larger sized fonts, as they’ll stay standing and upright with the slant.

Am I correct in that the Ludlow case is all caps on right in alpha order and all lcLC on the left sections in alpha order? Where do the spacers go and what is the purpose of the nicely designed wood case that sits on top of the cabinet of a slant? Thanks.

bigboy, there is a separate case for spacing, this case usually is smaller and pulls out of the side of the cabinet.

I just found an image for the layout and thanks Dick. Could this separate case be located on top (slanted)and very nicely made? Thanks, Neil

some of the newer cabinets had the space cases fitted into the top like you say, Ludlow made some cases that had brass on top of the dividers in the cases. The Ludlow machine is one of the easiest to run and maintain, you need to clean the pot and plunger on a regular basis or your plunger will get stuck in the well and its not fun to remove it once its stuck. I clean my pots once a week unless I didn’t use it, but even if I don’t use one of my machines i’ll not let it go more than two weeks before cleaning it. If you can’t find someone near you to help you i’ll give you my phone number and will try to walk you through your problems when you first get started.

That’s very generous of you Dick and first I need to have the 220 run to the Ludlow and I, believe, the pump (in a sizeable “box” with a gauge on the front) needs to be repaired, but I need to test it first.I am off for two weeks of travel and will be in touch when I return. Thanks, Neil