Lots of Letterpress and Bookbinding Equipment

I am selling a whole bunch of antique, vintage and newer Letter press, bookbinding, and hand printing equipment for a local print shop. If interested, send me an email, I will forward you a pdf file with photos and descriptions.

(see detailed page of this ad for a list of some of the items—there wasn’t enough space to list it here)

There is a nipping press, standing press, large format metal plates for flatbed printing, letterpress cabinets filled with letters, a 54" Contex Magnum large wide format color scanner, velo binder, spinnit hole puncher, 2 large freestanding composing tables on wheels, wooden letters, furniture (wooden and metal), rollers, large antique floor model guillotine cutting table, type saw, 2 large format chases, leading, challenge high speed lockup quoins and much much much more. There are also some heavy solid work tables, foster files (for plates and artwork etc) and lots and lots of shelves that need to go. +other furniture Great for any collector! Most of it is in great working order!

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