Antique Hamilton wood type cabinet, drawers and capstone

46-drawer oak and black cast iron, typesetting (front) & printers (back) cabinet with drawers and capstone. 40 drawers standard typesetting configuration (top drawer pulled out in close-up shown in photo), 4 drawers square division configuration (drawer pulled out below 1st drawer pulled out in close-up shown in photo), 1 drawer a random configuration, 1 drawer partitions for letter removed. NO type (metal or wood). drawer pulls are stamped metal. capstone is wood and metal. back side of capstone has partitions for letterpress items (“furniture”) and a brass ruler affixed to back. condition of all parts & drawers: good.

cabinet dimensions: 22.5” depth x 42” height x 69 3/4” width
capstone (top piece) dimensions: 25” depth x 15.25” height x 72” width
approx weight: 400lbs

buyer must arrange pick up and shipping.

price: $900

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image: DSC_0757_cabinet_capstone.jpg


image: DSC_0759_drawers.jpg