Unstable Press on Heidelberg SBG

I have Heidelberg 56 x 77 cm, I use it for cutting press, the problem is cutting result is not stable especially before reach 100 cycle. Sometimes it isn’t cut and sometimes over cut that cause the plate and the cutter broken. Also when the selector lever in paper position the cutting process is already started. How can I fix this problem, I have three machine that have same problem.

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it sounds very much like the impression screws need re setting to put resistance back into your impression. because the impression is way out of setting it sounds like the machine is way over packed which is why you seem to have impression when on paper. the packing on the cylinder should be at 1.2 mm or 47 thousands, the packing on the bed should just be sufficient to bring the die up to bearer height. if you put the handle which relates to light medium heavy forme onto heavy then put the machine onto impression under normal circumstances you should not be able to move the handle up or down because it has the weight of the cylinder on it when on impression. if you can pull out the plunger and move the handle up and down it definitely tells you that the impression setting is way out. hope this helps.
Graeme Smith