Hamilton Wood Type- Typeface?

Can you tell me what typeface this is? the A is stamped “Hamilton Two Rivers, WIS.” I emailed Hamilton, but have not heard back. Thanks.

image: IMG_9795.JPG


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Hi Mel,

I think I found it, now that you have identified Hamilton as the manufacturer. It shows up in their c.1917 catalog as No. 672 (Patented).

This is very frustrating that it does not have a real “name” and is likely not a copy of an existing named design since they emphasize that the design is patented to them.

I think that “Stockwell” might be a great name for this font of yours.


Hi Rick,

Thanks for the info.
Well, shucks, I was hoping for something besides No.672.
although “Stockwell” has a nice ring to it.