Main cam gear for Cropper Minerva wanted

I have recently acquired a Cropper Minerva for restoration and whilst prepping for repainting noticed a long crack along the inner edge of the cam closest to the shaft, about 1/3rd around. My guess is that someone wound up the impression to far (The Cropper has adjustable impression as you know), which put immense pressure on the toothed rim part of the gear which then partly separated. The repair I arranged through a “specialist” welding company has gone wrong and there are now additional cracks that radiate from the rim back towards the shaft. My guess is that they did not heat it up properly before welding. We noted that the cast iron of the gear is of very poor quality, with lots of air bubbles and very coarsely grained. All in all it is now un-repairable and I am either looking for a replacement gear, or I will have a lot of spare parts available for someone if I can’t! I think they “crunched” it when it was quite new, as there is no wear showing on any of the parts. Can anyone help me with a spare gear? Thank you.

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image: Photo showing the inside of the gear I am looking for

Photo showing the inside of the gear I am looking for