Kelsey 5x8 with tons of extras

I have a full 5x8 Kelsey letterpress with all add on’s including rule cutter, forms, coins, stamps, letters, rollers, etc etc bags of stuff. It was going to my estate sale but I bagged it all up and will offer it to a true enthusiast instead of someone local perhaps just shelving it as a nostalgia piece. The letterpress itself is in perfect shape, no rust, everything turns and moves smoothly. Not reconditioned it is in original shape. Even has instruction pamphlet from manufacturer. Everything should be pictured. If you are interested and offer the full asking price I will include a wooden handmade architects desk. I am moving and cannot take all this with me is why I am selling.

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image: LETTERPRESS7.jpg


image: LETTERPRESS5.jpg


image: LETTERPRESS4.jpg


image: LETTERPRESS1.jpg


image: LETTERPRESS2.jpg


image: LETTERPRESS33.jpg