Seeking a Printer’s Assistant

Twig & Fig is seeking a full-time printer’s assistant!

The position demands a wide range of print-related work, including operating a counter-top foil stamping press, use of Challenge paper cutting machine, die cutting envelopes and various items, duplexing paper, assembling invitation, etc.

We are seeking someone with upbeat energy, enthusiasm for the printing world and who enjoys working with a small team. We are in the invitation industry, so there are tight deadlines (regularly!) as well as an expectation to do impeccable, high end work at all times.

You need to be inquisitive, thoughtful, methodical, good with math (to calculate paper outages), and be comfortable working under stress. You also must be able to put up with our printer’s bad jokes. (He will repeat them to no end, so you need to feign sincere laughter well.)

Due to strict OSHA laws, you won’t be able to operate our C&P press, sorry. But you will be able to do foil printing and lots of other fun printing-related things, like running a laser etching machine. How cool is that.

This is not a design position, so if you don’t want to be a designer the job will be a lot more fun for you. You will have to repeat tasks over and over, but thankfully in new ways every day, so ideally you’re the type of person that likes the zen of repetition and doing a job well done.

The position needs to be filled by mid to late November. (Our current assistant is leaving then.)

The pay rate will start at $12/hr while you’re learning the ropes and will increase once you have the job down. (If you have extensive print shop experience then we can discuss your starting rate.)

We also offer a 401(k) plan and subsidize health care, as those are important things to round out a financial package.

Please email a cover letter and attach your resume.

Oh, and if you could refrain from calling us about the job that would be appreciated as we’re a small team and don’t have the staff to handle such. Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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