Golding Pearl manual


Just acquired a Golding Pearl, (I think it is a model 3) Andy an’t seem to find any sort of manual online or otherwise.

Anyone seen or have one that I could copy?

Many thanks Pat

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Sorry , that should have said
“And I can’t seem ……”


Hi Pat,

An actual “manual” for the Pearl has not ever surfaced. We do have a fair bit of information and a lot can be learned by reading Golding’s catalogs. If there is something specific you would like to know, I would be happy to help. I have quite a bit of information on my website including some links that I recommend you read. When Golding describes the features and benefits of the Pearl you learn things about the press that are helpful.
Go to: and navigate to John’s Letterpress Studio.


Thank you so much John for your reply. I had a look at your website and am overwhelmed with the amount of information. It may take some time for me to digest it all. Thank you also for the offer of help, I may well take you up on that once I get to grips with my lovely little ‘Pearl’

Kind regards Pat