Golding Pearl #11, various metal type, and more

Selling a Golding Pearl #11 (I think it is the “Improved” version) in very good condition. Has one 7 x 11 chase. Functions smoothly and all parts are in working order. There is a very small amount of rust on some parts that should be easily removed. Has sat unused for the past 2 years, though I do try to run the press (by hand) just to keep things moving. It has both paper holders, but only one is attached. There is no treadle, but one could be made using plans found here on BP.

I bought 3 new rollers that are still in the box (never used).

I have a cabinet full of reglets, various sizes of furniture, a box full of quoins, and a three-way key, 2 composing sticks, some tympan, and redboard. Also have a cabinet full of type as well as 5 individual typefaces and various symbols and graphics.

This is a package deal and am unwilling to sell it piece by piece.

Asking $2,800 for all.

EDIT: I have decided that I will arrange to ship this package. Everything still must go together. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid prior to shipping.

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