C&P 10x15 Disassembly and Restoration

In the process of moving my press we’re having difficulty removing the large gear cam from the main shaft. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!


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I’v done this many times, years ago to service/remachine the worn-out camway in the big gear.
Use a large three jaw puller to pull the smaller (left side) cam wheel, slide out the shaft with large (right side) gear.
Then use an arbor press to press out the shaft from the large gear.
Now you are faced with the task of replaceing (pressing back in) the parts you removed.
This is a dificult task requiring specialised tools. If you don’t have to do this, I recommend you reconsider.
James McGraw


Thank you! We were able to move the remaining frame with the cam wheel and large gear still attached with the help of a lowering winch/come-along and some planks.