The Itinerant Printer Project!

Chris Fritton, former Studio Director of the Western New York Book Arts Center, is embarking on a new project in 2015 called The Itinerant Printer.The Itinerant Printer will visit letterpress printshops across America throughout 2015, producing unique prints at each venue culled from their idiosyncratic collections of wood type, metal type, cuts, ornaments, and polymer plates. These prints will be mailed back to followers and supporters of the project as postcards (and care packages) from the road.

The project intends to capture the spirit of the analog revival, send real samples of it into people’s mailboxes, and convey the ethos of the handmade to a broader audience via social media, and as a culmination, result in a coffee table book that features photos all of the prints, printshops, and people from the adventure.

It is also about reviving that sense of adventure in printing, along with the analog sharing of information. It’s about going out into the world, seeking work based on your skill set, making something with your hands, and delivering that object to someone. It’s about an exchange of ideas, of techniques, of information, of style, and of the consummation of all those things: prints.

Please consider participating in the project, and check out more info here:


TIP is still looking for shops to visit to round out the itinerary, especially in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Idaho.

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