Letterpress Studio for Students

I represent a small University in Miami, Florida that recently acquired a Universal-1. The press is fully functional and wonderful but we have no other supplies to use with it. If anyone has type, galleys, furniture or anything else useful either for cheap or donation, or knows where we can find such items, we would really appreciate it. We are hoping to set up a small lab for the students so they can begin printing right away so any tips on what is needed or how to get started would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks.

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I’ve sent you an e-mail, perhaps I can help. Please contact me at [email protected]

Updated. I have some furniture I would like to donate. I live in Weston, Florida.


I live in Miami, FL and would love to know which University you have setup the Letterpress studio. Is there any way you can contact me via email to provide details? I would love to see what workshops or classes are available. [email protected].